Lemosho Route 6 or 7 days

Lemosho Route 6 or 7 days


Durations: 5-7 days ascent; Total including descent: 6-8 days

Distance: 28.75 miles ascent on regular route; Total walking 41.5 miles

ITINERY: 6 days     7 days

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The Lemosho Route is widely considered to be the best route on Mount Kilimanjaro. Not too long ago, there were only two main routes used to climb Kilimanjaro – the Marangu (Coca Cola) route and the Machame (Whiskey) route.

But as Tanzania’s tourism industry flourished, the Kilimanjaro park authority created more trails to African’s highest peak to distribute climbers to more areas of the park. This reduced bottlenecks at certain points and also made for a more pleasant experience by limiting crowds. Additionally, these latter trails were more thoughtfully designed to improve acclimatization for the climber by incorporating longer distances, longer times on the mountain and shorter elevation gains. Lemosho, a relatively new route, falls into this category.

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6 Days, 7 Days


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