Marangu 1 day

Marangu 1 day


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Our private Marangu day trip has it all: culture, cuisine, caves and plenty of lively conversation. You’ll even take a dip in a waterfall or two, so bring your cozzie. Marangu town nestles on the fertile slopes of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, and it’s brimming with tradition. You’ll explore the culture and terrifying history of the Chagga Tribe (they built those caves for a reason) and you’ll take a short but delightful hike in the lush green landscape to a sparkling waterfall but, don’t worry, you won’t run out of energy because you’ll visit a coffee plantation and have the chance to roast and make your own coffee.

The Marangu Cultural Tour is a great day out to experience traditional Tanzanian culture. The simple day out incorporates so much and it remains a relaxing. Marangu is small beautiful Green town on Mount Kilimanjaro with beautiful Nature, Culture and beautiful Chagga Tribe People who hold the very beautiful African Culture and Traditions . You will be able to visit;

1. Beautiful Marangu Waterfalls,
2. Eat the beautifully made local meal,
3. Chagga Home and the Family visit Experience
4. Banana Plantation ,
5. Mount Kilimanjaro View,
6. Black Smiths Visit,
7. Traditional Stories ,Music and Dances.
8. Drink Fresh Coffee and ExperienceTraditional Preparations of Coffee
9. Marangu underground Caves which are hand made caves made during Tribal war about 100years Ago between Masai and Chagga People to which those caves have sleeping rooms, Sitting rooms, Kitchen , Air Supply, Store, Cowshed etc. Now days Masai And Chagga people live peaceful just like one Family.
The Marangu Cultural Tour is a must for anyone wishing to experience Tanzania at its best.


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