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Arusha Park, Tanzania Tanzania Tour Guide: Mr Kilimanjaro

Arusha National Park is located in the northern part of Tanzania not too far south from the border of Kenya and just outside the city of Arusha. The national park encompasses an area of 53 square miles (137 sq km) making it one of the smaller national parks of both Tanzania and the continent of Africa.

Tour Start at 8:am End at 4:pm
Picked –up in the morning in Arusha
A combined walking and jeep safari tour as a day tour, gives you a wonderful varied view of the Arusha National Parks. In the morning we will pick you from your hotel and take you to Arusha National Park. The park has an
incredible variety of fauna and flora, which cannot fail to impress. Hollywood also chose this region to film the movie “Hatari” in which hard Kruger starred alongside the legendary John Wagne.
Your day trip will include a visit to the ngurudoto Crater, often called little ngorongoro. Along the way, you
might see the troops of olive baboon, different birds and plants spices to ‘Small Serengeti’ Where will see
buffaloes,waterbucks,giraffes,warthogs,zebras and Guereza through the year round. Occasionally,
Elephants can be seen and once can also sport a leopard


You’ll leave your hotels after breakfast and drive to the park.
Game Drive: A half-day or full-day game drive through the park is available. The Momella Lakes and Ngurdoto Crater sometimes called as ‘Little Ngorongoro,’ will be seen on your journey across the park.

Boat Safari: For an additional fee, you may swap your automobile for a canoe and go on a guided canoe safari around the Momella Lakes, where you’ll see bushbuck, giraffes, hippos, and buffalo.

Walking Safari: Take a guided walking safari through the park to stretch your legs. You can expect to view infinite acres of woodland while on your walking safari, which is home to black and white colobus monkeys, zebras, buffalos, and a variety of antelopes.

You’ll also get the opportunity to see over 400 different bird species, including the Crowned Eagle, Lanner Falcon, and Levaillants Cuckoo.
In the late afternoon, you’ll return to your hotels with a brain full of memories and a camera full of wonderful images.

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