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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Tanzania Tour Guide: Mr Kilimanjaro

A day at Marangu village your lifetime adventure! Explore the natural beauty of the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Enjoy and rest in the nature beauty and peace of this magnificent natural site. The music from the waterfalls and radiant colors of the valley transform our inner and outer environment. Also visit the Underground Caves


The Marangu Cultural Tour is a great day out to experience traditional Tanzanian culture. The simple day out incorporates so much and it remains a relaxing. Marangu is small beautiful Green town on Mount Kilimanjaro with beautiful Nature, Culture and beautiful Chagga Tribe People who hold the very beautiful African Culture and Traditions .
You will be able to visit;
1. Beautiful Marangu Waterfalls,
2. Eat the beautifully made local meal,
3. Chagga Home and the Family visit Experience
4. Banana Plantation ,
5. Mount Kilimanjaro View,
6. Black Smiths Visit,
7. Traditional Stories ,Music and Dances.
8. Drink Fresh Coffee and ExperienceTraditional Preparations of Coffee ,
9. Marangu underground Caves which are hand made caves made during Tribal war about 100years Ago between Masai and Chagga People to which those caves have sleeping rooms, Sitting rooms, Kitchen , Air Supply, Store, Cowshed etc. Now days Masai And Chagga people live peaceful just like one Family.
The Marangu Cultural Tour is a must for anyone wishing to experience Tanzania at its best

We’ll depart early in the morning, skirting Kilimanjaro’s foothills on our right as the sun rises. The Marangu Gate, located at 1900 meters, is the beginning point for the Marangu climbing route. It’s a strange combination of the serene serenity of the green montane forest and the tight excitement of the climbers prepared to scale Kilimanjaro; it’s a fantastic start to your day. We may have to get you back into the vehicle before you head up the mountain since your mood is infectious!

Before we arrive, your nose will alert you to our second stop. Marangu Village is known for its coffee, which is produced, blended, and roasted locally.

We’ll stop at a small coffee farm to learn about how the locals produce, harvest, and process their coffee beans in this ideal climate. You’ll even get the opportunity to roast and prepare your own cup of delicious, freshly brewed coffee.

All of this culture is bound to whet your hunger, so our next stop is at our favorite tiny restaurant for a delicious and traditional Chagga lunch (vegetarians provided for!).

Following that, we’ll head to the Ndoro Waterfalls in Marangu Village for some post-dinner fresh air. The thirty-minute trek to the waterfall’s base will take us through a lush green forest and a sharp descent to the rocks.

Take a relaxing plunge in the pool or enjoy the beautiful waters flowing down the falls from the rock side.

A visit to the vast Chagga Underground Caves, created by the Chagga to protect them from the Masaai, who used to travel up the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro to enslave or murder them, is a stark contrast. We’ll spend about an hour visiting the Chagga Live Museum, an outdoor venue where you can learn more about traditional Chagga life. The wandering goats give a touch of realism! We’ll cap off our action-packed day with a cheeky banana beer or wicked glass of banana wine – after all, this is banana country, so enjoy it!

We won’t mind if you take a little sleep on the trip back to Moshi; there’s always something to view as we weave through the towns, foothills, and highways home. You’ll have seen and done so much in such a short period of time that you’ll be due for a break.

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